The Studio

Our facility is set up in the basement of a 10,000 SQF beautiful residential building. Upon arrival you will be blown away by the appearance of rather large “Beverly Hills” type mansion, with amazing landscaping and scenery. The inviting driveway guides you along red maple trees to the parking area. The 10 acre land has one of the most fantastic ash tree collections in NC with a few of them more then 150y old. 

In the basement, the studio occupies about 1 third of the space. There is a sitting area, bathroom, theatre room and fitness room along side various storage areas. From the studio floorplan you can see that we have several rooms/booths available. It allows a band to set up such that they can choose to either track together or separately. Our 5 different sounding rooms can accommodate even the most challenging set ups. All our rooms are interconnected – we can send speaker or signal levels to each room from the control room or from one room to another room.

For example, a guitarist or bass player can comfortably sit in the control room while tracking because we can send their speaker or sound-signal to whatever room the guitar amp or speaker is placed in.

It also means that even for large set ups we can accomplish great separation while tracking a band together.  We can have a drum and bass amp set up in the Live Room, stack a guitar amp in the Booth 1 Sound Lock Entrance, put horns in the larger Booth 2, and have singers in the Vocal Booth 1. All rooms have windows and a line of sight to each other. Booth 2 has a double door that can be opened to increase the feeling of togetherness for the band.

Tell us about your musical project, and we'll give you a quote for use of our state-of-the-art studios.