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  • Excellent! Steven and John are great dudes. Great location, too! Highly recommend

    Rating: Rob Di Mauro, Session Drummer

  • You won't find anything close to this good without traveling far far away from here! Was Very impressed with both the top tier equipment and enthusiasm!

    Rating: Ian Burton, Session Guitarist, Singer Songwriter

  • Friendly people in a beautiful place accomplishing amazing results.

    Rating: Chuck Morton, Singer Songwriter

  • Steven is the most enthusiastic and creative producer I've ever worked with. John, the engineer, didn't miss a beat and was spot on. We worked 10 hours straight with only a few short breaks. I highly recommend Bunker Sound for all of your recording needs.

    Rating: Jonathan Richardson, Singer Songwriter

  • The level of enthusiasm, passion, and expertise Steven and John put forth at every step along the way was nothing short of a joy. They care about what they do. They are artist and two of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

    Rating: Matt Graham, Fredfin Wallaby

  • Bunkersound is a fantastic place to record an album. They have a ton of high-end equipment, both vintage and modern, and Steven and John have the expertise to put it all to good use. The acoustic treatment in the studio was done so well that even normal conversation is noticeably more pleasant to listen to. I definitely hope to have a chance to record here again in the future.

    Rating: Daniel Goodwin, Fredfin Wallaby

  • I could go on with about why, but I'll just say this: my 6-piece Progressive Rock band Fredfin Wallaby just recorded an album here. We're definitely coming back next year for the next one. There's no higher recommendation than that, surely.

    Rating: Martyn Wheeler, Fredfin Wallaby

  • A phenomenal studio run by awesome professionals. We would love to work with them again when we have an opportunity.

    Rating: Sylvia and Mark Hackett, UNC Rex Lullaby Project

  • We spent 3 days with Steve at Bunker Sound and what a professional. Steve's knowledge in the recording industry goes unmatched .Bunkersound is a top notch recording studio and should be the top choice for sound recording.

    Rating: Chris Morris UNC Rex Lullaby Project

  • Absolutely phenomenal!!! I can't say enough great things about Bunkersound- these guys are top-quality in artistry, vision, and professionalism. Not to mention the incredible equipment they have including a Neve board, Cooper time cube, and an insane amount of mics. At the beginning of my session they literally had me walk around the room and sing so that they could find the best place for my voice because of the balance of the room. I was blown away. By the end of my three days recording with them I felt like family- I didn't want to leave. I would trust these guys with any project I have and highly recommend them.

    Rating: Meghan Lumsden Presnell, UNC Rex Lullaby Project

  • Spent 2 full weeks recording a 12 song album with drums, bass, guitars, banjo, horn section, male and female backing vocals, harmonica and aux percussion. By no means a simple project. Steven was incredibly efficient, professional and provided incredible feedback. He was more than just an engineer, he became an integral part of the group/project as producer, engineer and friend. Steven went above and beyond our expectations at every opportunity. The environment is professional, warm and comfortable. The equipment is of the highest quality you will find anywhere. There is really no reason to go to a bigger more established or higher priced studio when you can get as high quality a product from Bunkersound with a personal touch. The value is unbeatable.

    Rating: Michael Crawford, Dr. Bacon

  • I spent a 3 day weekend at Bunkersound recording acoustic instruments, drums, bass, and vocals, and loved it! The gear and equipment is all extremely quality and the vibe of the studio is very clean and professional, and at the same time, its also very chill and laid back, and the staff are very friendly. One of the things I liked most about this studio is that it is a canvas for the artist because it's not decked out with a bunch of clutter on the walls, the cleanliness creates a space that actually allows the artist to make it his or her creative home for the time spent there. I definitely recommend this space to anyone hoping to create some high quality soundscapes.

    Rating: Steven Sedalia, Singer Songwriter

  • After spending a week at Bunkersound with my band Hudson & Haw, I couldn't be happier with the experience. Steven really knows what he's doing, is a pleasure to work with, and makes the entire process a lot of fun. He has an incredible amount of gear -- all of high quality -- and he knows how to make so many different instruments sound great. I would recommend Bunkersound to anyone -- definitely going back for all of my recording needs in the future.

    Rating: Thomas Strayhorn, Hudson & Haw

  • In my professional opinion, Bunker Sound Studio has an awesome environment to create. State-of-the-art Mixing Console (NEVE), and endless outboard preamps, microphones, and on location amps/instruments. Trust me, I'm an engineer/producer/director, and the first thing I look over is the studio's gear list. No matter your project's needs or scope (motion picture, video, album, mixing/mastering etc)... Bunker Sound Studio has a solution for your production needs. I implore anyone reading this review to visit the studio's website for a host of media, photos, and positive feedback that will only confirm my review. In closing, many have given the Bunker "nicknames"... I've delightfully brought my very own name offering; as-well. "DREAMLAND" Brilliant Studio Steven!

    Rating: Michael Clark II, Engineer/Producer

  • Steven is a consummate professional with an excellent studio. State of the art everything!

    Rating: Eddie Da'rell Williams

  • Awesome facility here. Steven has put together a top notch recording environment to say the least. Great room, Great gear, Great engineer. If ur band can't get it done in here, u need to call it quits!

    Rating: Jeff JD Dennis, Session Drummer, Hank Sinatra

  • 3 days, 3 songs. One of the most seamless and productive studio sessions Hank Sinatra has ever experienced. Steven is a top shelf engineer and producer who takes the time to get it right. We are def making our next record at BunkerSound. And if you are in a band, so should you.

    Rating: Jeff Holshouser, Singer/Songwriter Hank Sinatra

  • Wonderful sounds in a great recording environment. I'd definitely recommend this studio to anybody in the triangle looking for a good studio experience!

    Rating: Jonathan Henderson, Onyx Club Boys

  • I’ll start by providing some of my musical background: I have a degree from Berklee College Of Music and have taken several music production courses. I have recorded two albums with previous bands and have done session work as a guitarist and vocalist, so I’ve been in a number of different studios and have worked with a number of different engineers. I can’t say enough good things about Bunkersound and owner/engineer Steven Raets. My current band actually recorded our album at a different studio, but after becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of work, the way the project was being handled, and the way that studio chose to do business we decided to move things to Bunkersound......(see Facebook reviews for full text) It has been an exhaustive process, but Steven has done a fantastic job, essentially saving our record from going in the trash. The mixes have come out sounding better than we ever thought they could, considering the issues we encountered with the source material. Steven was able to make corrections that I didn’t even know were possible. I just wish we could have started the project at Bunkersound in the first place! I have since taken the recordings to a reputable mastering engineer for a listening session, and he agrees that Steven did an excellent job on the mixes. Bunkersound is a beautiful, clean space with great lighting, and features top-notch acoustics and equipment. Steven is a great guy and has been a real pleasure to work with. It is obvious how much he cares about the work he does and about customer satisfaction. He is a very knowledgeable, talented, and creative engineer and I’ve learned a lot through our work together. I have a sharp ear and tend to be a real perfectionist. I also ask a lot of question because I want to understand everything that’s being done. I want to be very involved in the process. It has been hugely important to have an engineer who understands and can work well with someone like me. Bunkersound and Steven were just the studio and engineer my band needed. We look forward to doing business there, again, in the future. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some of the projects Steven has been working on with other bands and they sound fantastic. I can’t wait to actually record in that space!

    Rating: Jackson Manuel, Guitarist, The Chit Nasty Band

  • What can I say about this Studio? Nothing but good. It is just so right on so many levels. Music that I make ( a la nasty ) is not easy to grasp or handle from a recorded point of view. First of all the vibe of this place. I say that first because energy is important to me when creating. So it not being a dark dingy dirty environment is amazing. So many studios are not this way. Next up is the technology. To not have to second guess if anything is the industry standard even if you don't know much about studios and recording is a relief. Despite all you may not know what you do know is that you want to walk in and see a set up that makes you go WOW! You want to feel like you're recording with gear that you don't have to guess if it's good enough but even despite your possible lack of knowledge just look at it and feel impressed. That's this studio. From the mic options to the board to the speakers etc. You will constantly find yourself saying " dang " and " "woah" and "wow." Lastly none of this would mean a thing without the right hands and the right EARS on the scene. Knowledge is power and here is not just a amateur with a bunch of toys who doesn't know how to use them or who you have to rely on overusing them. It's pro time at Bunkersound!

    Rating: Christian Foushee-Green, Singer Songwriter The Chit Nasty Band

  • My band The 8:59's just finished up a 6 song EP with Steven at BunkerSound. Steven was great to work with. He is truly invested in the music and helping you get the best possible sound. Steven is methodical and wants to make sure you get the best quality at a reasonable price. The equipment was top notch from the recording console down to the mics and amps. The rooms are great and the environment was very comfortable. I would highly recommend Steven and Bunkersound and hope to work with him again.

    Rating: Mike Beck, The 8:59's