• Our facility is set up such that a band can choose to either track together or separately. We have 5 different sounding rooms that we can utilize to accommodate even the most challenging set ups. In terms of wiring, all our rooms are interconnected, meaning we can send speaker or signal levels to each room from the control room or from each room to another room. For example, a guitarist or bass player can comfortably sit in the control room while tracking because we can send their speaker or sound-signal to whatever room the guitar amp or speaker is placed in. It also means that even for large set ups we can accomplish great separation while tracking a band together.  For instance, we can have a drum and bass amp set up in the live room, stack a guitar amp in booth1 sound lock entrance, put horns in the larger booth 2, and have singers in the vocal booth1.  All these rooms have windows and a line of sight to each other. Booth2 has a double door that can be opened to increase the feeling of togetherness for the band.

    After a long day working in the studio, you can enjoy a walk or get inspired in our 10 acres landscaped yard, that has an orchard and a pond. You can just hang out at our bar/gazebo and play some corn hole or pétanque! More comprehensive studio packages can be put together including catering, beverages, cook out on the fully equipped fire pit (can hold a 250Lbs whole pig!) or outdoor kitchen. We can organise transfer from and to the airport and or daily transfers to and from your downtown hotel. We can provide total discretion in case that would be required. Call us to discuss your project!