Online Mixing

Due to massive technological advances made over the last 15 years, most people now have their own recording studios at home. A laptop and a good microphone is all you need to make great recordings in your living room. But when it comes down to mixing and mastering, a properly designed acoustic room is an absolute must. For most people, the price tag to construct or remodel a room might be a bridge too far. As a result, when recordings are mixed at home they often lack punch, clarity, are too muddy, and are overly bass heavy. This is where we can help! Send your projects to Bunker Sound! We will mix and or master your project as if you were sitting with us in the room. You can even choose what equipment you want us to use in order to get the sound you like. When we are done with our mix or master, we can stream the mix live to you at the same high quality we are working on in the control room. This allows you to listen in real time and help if certain tweaks are needed. The system even works on an iPhone. The only requirement is to have a good solid wifi or internet connection.

One of the things you will experience when working with us, is that we actually care about you and your work. We will go the extra mile to find the sounds that works for your project. We don’t work with fixed templates or set up presets. We don’t have a conveyor belt mentality. We use what is appropriate for your songs and that means each project will be different. Different gear for different projects. It all depends and the more we know about your work, the better we can work together.

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