• As we are getting more and more projects, the question frequently arises whether we can offer mastering services. Having been trained by Vlado Meller, we are now offering full professional mastering services. Clients can get a full blown start to finish product, from recording to mixing, to final master ready for duplication or replication.

  • Mastering

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  • We will provide you with a DDP master for CD replication as well as high resolution and 16B 441K wave files. 

  • We can also provide you with a vinyl master. Vinyl requires several different adjustments to the digital master in order to translate properly. 

  • We can provide you with all required file types. High resolution FLAC's, compressed MP3's at different resolutions, AAC files at different resolutions, We will make sure the conversion does not cause any clipping and your files sound as good as can be!

  • We are fully Mastered for iTunes Certified so you can rest assured that your masters will sound great in the iTunes store.