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    “One of the Hottest Studio’s 2014” (Mix Magazine)

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    Bunkersound is a new audio recording, mixing and production facility in a beautiful residential area of Chapel Hill, NC. The studio was constructed in a 1000 sqf unfinished basement area and fully designed with high end acoustic performance in mind. Wes Lachot, a well known studio designer, drew the plans and made sure every inch of space was used. Not only is the studio designed according to sound acoustic principles, the gear and equipment selection is also top end. The control room has a 24 channels Neve Genesys console, with 24 1073’s mike pre amps, full encore automation, total recall, 24 88R eq’s and 8 channel dynamics. Converters are the latests symphony i/o and DAW is a pro tools HDX system. The studio has 32 analogue inputs and 48 analogue outputs. Further, there are another 32 digital inputs and 16 outputs. This means we can put a total of 48 channels + 8 busses + 8 effect returns or a total of 64 inputs on the board at mix down ! (full equipment list on facilities page).

    All our inputs and outputs are hooked up to the patch bay. We have a total of 8 96 point patch bays or 768 patch connections available. The possibilities are endless. Our Neve can be a classic in line analogue mixer, a stem mixer, or an enormous daw controller that can control huge digital sessions.  We can bring in 2 inserts per channel and patch in our analogue outboard gear at will. If you want more, we can even run your mixes through our 2″ tape machine and back into pro tools to get that most wanted “tape compression” sound. If you don’t like tape hiss, no problem, we activate our 24 channel Dolby SR system and you get pristine clean tape sound.
    The studio is set up such that there is a true analogue – digital integration. You can stay in the digital world, stay in the analogue world or combine both and work on your mixes in a hybrid set up. Very few local studio’s are equipped with this many inputs and outputs, all there to be used and combined to create truly unique sonic results.

    Bunkersound studio is a dream come true. A studio designed with the artist in mind. Fantastic rooms, great gear, amazing engineers who care about your project. Here at the Bunker we aim to work with you and help you to get your highest performance and best result. At the bunker it’s all about you.