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Use our award-winning studio design to create your spectacular recordings! Our studio is furnished with some of the best equipment money can buy.


There is no second guessing in our RFZ control room where even the smallest of changes can be detected due to a very flat frequency response.


We offer professional mastering services and can deliver masters in all audio formats. Some of our work reached #19 in the Billboard. Try us out!


If you got what it takes, get in touch! We look to help talent reach the next step in their music career.


Make your voice overs sound amazing with our focus on quality, Not sure about pronunciation? - we are fluent in 4 languages.


Do you have an old audio tape of a loved one's recital, or a video of an important life moment, but with bad sound? We can make old recordings come to life again!

Tell us about your musical project, and we'll give you a quote for use of our state-of-the-art studios.