• We understand that we are only as good as the sonic results we achieve.

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  • We have worked with a diverse group of artists and bands, covering a broad range of genres from heavy metal and rock, over gipsy jazz, kids music for children’s books, singer songwriter, to country, edm, rock and gospel. Here is a list of clients we have worked with and examples of their music that has been released.

  • Chit Nasty Band, Dylan Hammond, Joelle McMahan, Erin Smothers, The 8:59’s, Alesana, Onyx Club Boys, Ellis Dyson and The Shambles, Hank Sinatra, Jason Richmond, Ross Gruet, Audible Inc, Dom Flemons, Ironing Board Sam, Jimbo Mathus, Magnolia Collective, Lyrics Audiobooks, Shannon Devaughn, Freely Live (Lance Scott), End of Love Project (Irwin Menken, Jody Stephens (drummer Big Star), Sky Gudasz, Django Haskins and Elisa Peimer), Jerusalem 3D, Scott Solter, Steven Sedalia, Widow, Paul Messinger, Jason Merritt, Hudson & Haw, Dr. Bacon, Eddie & Gloria Da’Rell, Pure Joy, John Carlson, UNC Rex, Music Maker Foundation, John Dee Holeman, Harvey Arnold, Tad Walters, Bubba, Mipso, Matt Phillips, Gloed (Belgium), Scott Floyd, Clever Measures, Fredfin Wallaby, Jonathan McCanless, Chuck Morton, John Custer, Ivy Hill, Jonathan Richardson, Jimmy Abegg, Night Demon, Tori Heller, Violet Bell, Caique Vidal, Martha Bassett, Penguin Random Audio Group, Talent Management, Gary Mitchell, Snyder, Eriq J, Mitch Easter, Hardworker, Brad Henshaw, Rob Chamberlain, Evil English, Steve Hindalong, Johnny Orr, Grace Pettis, Qualian, Ian Burton Band, Crystal Bright, Emily Musolino, Brian Dennis, Like A Storm, Lotus Sun, Mark Bunn, NovaMusicLab, Liam Singer, Sell Outs Inc, Kaos Records, Cedric Street, Investigation Discovery (Discovery Channel), Schoolkids Records, The Originals (The Series), Robert Daugherty, The Chip Perry Band, Winfield, Loren Day, Satish Vedamurthy, Sharon Benz, Xinzhao, Aittala, Larry Long, The Girls, Lost In The Trees, Ari Picker, Artem Smirnoff, Eugenic Death, Jaguar Dreams, New Reveille, MNOE, Eno Mountain Boys, The Shakedown, Rajan Somasundaram, John Teal, Blackstone Publishing, Cadence13, Dr Bacon, Kantar Consulting, XIV Hours, Andreas Blachere, Overstory, Dream Root, Poor Pie.

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