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      Tori Heller Releases New Album

      Tori Heller just released her latest album Even A Dreamer available for digital download or unlimited streaming at Click Here  Recorded and mixed by Scott Solter and mastered at Bunker Sound by Steven Raets.

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      Night Demon Announces New Full Length Album: Darkness Remains

      Night Demon just announced the release of their second full length album, Darkness Remains, to be released April 21 2017 on Century Records in the US and SPV/Steamhammer in Europe. Steven Raets at Bunker Sound mastered the album for all digital formats as well as delivered the vinyl master.

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      Quantum Audio Labs QA-3000 is Being Restored

      Bunker Sound purchased a 1976 vintage Quantum Audio Labs QA-3000 Console for Restoration. Stand, patchbay, meter bridge and master module have already been repaired. Next up are the channel modules. Here, you can see a first picture of when we put the parts back together for the first time. Build in

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      Legendary Producer, Stuart Epps, teams up with Bunker Sound Studios.

      Stuart Epps, a legendary producer who worked with artists including Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Chris Rea, Twisted Sister, Jeff Beck and many more, has agreed to offer his productions services to Bunker Sound Studio's clients. Clients can now choose to purchase various

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      It is an honor to receive another mention in American Songwriter Magazine. In celebration of the mention, we are premiering the new video for What A Busy Day. Thank you to my dear wife Sandy for the co-write. A special thank you to producer, Steven Raets for having a vision and

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    • What Our Clients Say

    • Spent 2 full weeks recording a 12 song album with drums, bass, guitars, banjo, horn section, male and female backing vocals, harmonica and aux percussion. By no means a simple project. Steven was incredibly efficient, professional and provided incredible feedback. He was more than just an engineer, he became an integral part of the group/project as producer, engineer and friend. Steven went above and beyond our expectations at every opportunity. The environment is professional, warm and comfortable. The equipment is of the highest quality you will find anywhere. There is really no reason to go to a bigger more established or higher priced studio when you can get as high quality a product from Bunkersound with a personal touch. The value is unbeatable.

      Rating: Michael Crawford, Dr. Bacon

    • Absolutely phenomenal!!! I can't say enough great things about Bunkersound- these guys are top-quality in artistry, vision, and professionalism. Not to mention the incredible equipment they have including a Neve board, Cooper time cube, and an insane amount of mics. At the beginning of my session they literally had me walk around the room and sing so that they could find the best place for my voice because of the balance of the room. I was blown away. By the end of my three days recording with them I felt like family- I didn't want to leave. I would trust these guys with any project I have and highly recommend them.

      Rating: Meghan Lumsden Presnell

    • I spent a 3 day weekend at Bunkersound recording acoustic instruments, drums, bass, and vocals, and loved it! The gear and equipment is all extremely quality and the vibe of the studio is very clean and professional, and at the same time, its also very chill and laid back, and the staff are very friendly. One of the things I liked most about this studio is that it is a canvas for the artist because it's not decked out with a bunch of clutter on the walls, the cleanliness creates a space that actually allows the artist to make it his or her creative home for the time spent there. I definitely recommend this space to anyone hoping to create some high quality soundscapes.

      Rating: Steven Sedalia